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  • A Touch of India by Valerie Britton-Wilson

A Touch of India by Valerie Britton-Wilson


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A touch of history, of travel and of textiles. Plus a wartime romance. And a tragic dowry murder. A Touch of India delves into end-of-Empire India as well as contemporary India.

‘Funny and poignant, part memoir, part meditation. Starting a business between India and Australia, disassembling the past and assembling the present, the author finds herself more touched by India than she had ever imagined… India, alluring, electrifying and unfathomable. Valerie Britton-Wilson* has a sharp and nuanced eye for it all.’ — Helen Elliott, literary critic

(Her) ‘perceptions of contemporary India, paired with those of her Anglo-
Indian mother before and during the Second World War, will be an education for newcomers to India and for old hands.’ – John McCarthy AO, former Australian High Commissioner to India

‘Engaging and beautifully written. At the heart of this wide-ranging and thoughtful book is the author’s search for her mother whose Anglo-Indian identity is a source of pride and puzzlement.’ — Brenda Niall, biographer

*Valerie Britton-Wilson co-foundeded MOTI with Sue McFall.

Distributed by Thames & Hudson

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